Welcome to Theracore Health Services

Theracore Health Services is a new multi-disciplinary clinic conveniently located in the city of Surrey. We have expert health care professionals and state of the art equipment that will address a variety of condition in all age groups – from babies and children to adults.

Our focus is to provide quality care by providing you with thorough examination and evaluation, and an individualized treatment plan that is backed up by scientific research. Our expert therapists will work with you to achieve your needs and goals. Your active participation in this process will help us guide you towards healing faster and managing your condition.

At Theracore, we not only communicate with you but also with other health care practitioners such as your doctors, and others involved in your rehabilitation. With your consent, we will work with third party payers such as ICBC and extended health care insurance providers.

Our Mission

    • To provide quality client-centered care that is respectful and responsive to our client’s preferences, needs, and values.
    • To create a competent team of therapists and other professionals who will work in creating a caring and supportive atmosphere.
    • To use evidence-based rehabilitation techniques and technology in treating conditions and injuries.

Your health is in good hands when you partner with Theracore experts for your recovery.